Car Rental Insurance – Everything You Should Know

Car Rental Insurance

Rental car insurance credit cards : The insurance that covers your car is the first line of protection to cover a rented vehicle. Which of course gives you a basic liability coverage for damages that you could cause to other people with the rented car and other vehicles and properties. If you do not own a vehicle and, therefore, do not have vehicle insurance, you can and should purchase a temporary or annual “non-homeowner’s insurance policy” from an insurance company. Such a policy should have a reasonable price. Some credit cards, especially Visa or MasterCard Gold, Platinum or Black, include among their benefits collision damage and theft insurance for car rentals paid with them. Learn more about these insurances and discover how to save up to 70% on your rent without giving up the coverage. Europ car offers us an ideal rate for those customers with credit card rental insurance . They are prices that do not include the coverages that the client already has as a benefit of their Visa or MasterCard. Europ car customers can thus save up to 70% on the total cost of their rent as they do not pay for a product they are already enjoying.

Car Rental Insurance

What kind of insurance does the car rental company offer?

Especially with a foreign holiday, a rental car is the best way to explore the destination. In other countries, however, not only other customs but also other contractual conditions apply. Already in the EU, the provisions on motor insurance differ greatly. Thus, the minimum cover for personal injury in USA is 7.5 and in Spain 70 million euro, in Italy, however, only 2.5 million. The differences are even stronger outside the EU. For example, the minimum coverage in Turkey is only about 40,000 euros and in some US states at 20,000 US dollars.

How does your Credit card’s auto insurance work?

When leaving on a trip it is very likely that you rent a car. Banks and other financial institutions have it in mind, so some credit cards include car rental protection. Know the characteristics of the card you have hired, if you have this benefit and it is the best option to use it.

A credit card is not just a payment card. Credit cards offer various additional benefits, such as insurance, discounts, bonus programs and much more. Included services vary from offer to offer. Car rental insurance is a popular extra among credit cards. This is not least because customers usually have to present a credit card when renting a car. Car rental companies block a certain sum on the card account as a deposit. This is how leases ensure that they do not stay on top of the costs in case of damage.

Which credit cards offer primary rental car insurance ?

The rental car insurance is usually part of the package of benefits that are included in luxury plastics, gold and platinum categories or for travelers.Among the companies that offer it are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If your plastic is Platinum level or is a travel card it is probably already included as part of the services you pay or the benefits of the card.

This type of card insurance includes a maximum amount as payment of damages. There are two very important conditions before using it:

1) To make it valid you must pay the total amount of the car rental with your card, and

2) As a cardholder, you should almost always reject the CDW / LDW coverage (disclaimer of liability for collision damage) and waiver of liability for loss damages, for its acronym in English) that you offer at the car rental agency, depending on the type of credit card you have.

Each financial institution includes different characteristics, in some cases it only covers theft or material damage, others include collision, vandalism or accidental fires, this is the case of Visa. Master Auto Insurance coverage also pays for physical damage resulting from hail, lightning, flood or other weather-related causes, but only in a certain category of cards.

Does my credit card cover rental car insurance

Do you want to rent a car with card insurance? Contact your bank to confirm if your Visa or MasterCard includes that benefit. If the answer is positive, you can reserve an uninsured rate with Europcar, GreenMotion, Addcar or all those rent a car that have prices without coverage.

we are always looking for a way to save on your car rental in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other world destinations. That’s why we give you the possibility of renting a car with the insurance of the card , so you do not spend money on coverages that you have as a Visa or MasterCard benefit. Many rent a car include rent insurance in their rates, and that is why they are more expensive, while others like Europcar, GreenMotion or Addcar give us ideal rates for those customers with Gold, Platinum or Black cards who can thus spend less on their rent and enjoy a free benefit. The insurance car rental cards . There are a product that covers the customer for damages and theft and are equivalent to those of the rent a car. If you had one of these cards, ask the bank for the insurance documentation for car rental, so you can deliver it to your arrival and have all the telephone numbers of the assistance if you need it.

If your credit card includes this benefit, you will have two options in the search results. You can choose a Europcar car that does not include CDW and LDW insurance (damage and theft), or choose a car from companies such as GreenMotion or Addcar that have full insurance with deductible (deductible). In this case the insurance of the card will cover the amounts of the franchise. Check the rental conditions because depending on the destination there could be more companies with uninsured rates.

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Car Rental Insurance

Benefits of Credit Card Car Rental Insurance

If you want to book a rental car or rent it directly, you will be confronted with the question of the employee about the credit card. It’s almost impossible to get a car without a credit card. The background is that car rental companies need a deposit. The easiest way to do this is to block the amount of the security deposit on the credit card within the limits of the period during which the vehicle is rented.

This procedure has another advantage for the lenders. In the case of recourse claims against the customer, they can thus reach other relevant customer data more quickly.Vehicle rental protection benefits are granted by the various credit cards instead of the issuing bank of the card and may vary according to the type of card. For example, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa assume the charges for loss of use, as long as the rental company backs them up with evidence of the loss. The Discover card explicitly excludes loss of use. The protection against loss of rental vehicles is not provided by any card, so before purchasing or reserving the rental car, contact the customer service of your card to make sure that the card you are going to use has such protection , and find out about the specific details of coverage of all your cards. Then, make your reservation with the card that gives you the best coverage.

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The coverage of a credit card, in general, is a secondary insurance; therefore, your personal vehicle policy will assume the payment of damages or theft of the vehicle (if you suffer a collision and have an integral coverage) while the credit card company will collect all or most of what is left, subject to your own limits. Some losses are not covered by the cards, such as the depreciated value.

Some vehicles may not be covered, such as pickup trucks, some SUVs, and especially expensive or exotic cars; therefore plan well if you are going to ride in a rented vehicle Chevy Corvette, Dodge Viper, Cadillac Allante, BMW M3, Mercedes SLK, Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini.

This coverage applies only if you reject the exemption from liability for damages from the rental agency and, reservations and payments for the rental with a specific credit card. The cardholder must be the same person who rents the vehicle. There are many details that you should examine, so ask the credit card customer service representative to explain and confirm by phone and send you a hard copy of the insurance terms so that you have them in writing. You can also find the terms on the card’s website, but it’s better if you contact a representative directly.

If your personal insurance and your credit card provide you with solid protection, then you will be fully prepared and ready to consider rejecting the LDW (exemption from liability for damages).

Clarify acceptance and return locations with the car rental in advance

Car Rental Insurance

If you have found a cheap car rental, you should inform yourself about which rental stations this offers. Thus stations at the airport not only offer shorter routes, but often also longer or flexible opening hours. For landlords who offer a takeover directly at the airport, often require an additional fee. Therefore, such offers are more expensive in the calculator. In order to offer the rental car cheaper, a car rental can bring the customer with a shuttle bus from the airport to a remote station. Also possible are so-called “Meet & Greet” offers. An employee meets the customer at the airport and personally hands over the rental car to him.

Anyone who wants to rent the vehicle at one station and return it to another should check the fine print before booking. Only a few providers prohibit this so-called one-way rental, but restrictions are common and an additional charge is almost always on. The amount of the charge depends on many factors – such as how popular the reverse route from the return to the rental station is.

Minimum age For Rental Car Insurance

Drivers who are under 25 can not rent their desired car anywhere. The age requirements vary depending on the holiday country and vehicle class. Often a reduction of the minimum age to 21 years is possible for a surcharge. By paying extra fees, car rental companies protect themselves against the higher risk of accidents for young drivers. The fees are usually charged per day up to a certain limit (for example, for a maximum of 10 days). A long-term rental can be particularly rewarding for young drivers.

A common requirement is that all drivers have their driving license for at least one, sometimes two, years. Occasionally there is a maximum age restriction. Drivers who have passed the age of 60 should therefore pay attention to a possible restriction when comparing a rental car.

Visa credit card rental car insurance

Visa Credit card rental car insurance Coverage applies in any country in the world, including your own country, subject to some restrictions and if allowed by local regulations. Tow charges and any loss of use charges as well as administrative charges may be covered provided such charges result directly from a covered loss. The rental reservation and the total payment must be made with the eligible Visa. This insurance covers the rental vehicle when you, the cardholder or any other driver authorized and registered in the car rental agreement is driving or caring for the rental vehicle. The coverage is subject to the applicable terms and conditions; please click here to download. You must report and file a claim as soon as possible after the incident. The coverage is provided by AIG and / or the corresponding Re insurer, if applicable.

Master credit card rental car insurance

Master Auto Insurance is a smart way to save money and get valuable insurance coverage when you rent a vehicle with your MasterCard World Elite ™ card. It offers coverage up to USD † 75,000 for damages to the Rental Vehicle caused by collision, theft and / or accidental fire.
It is necessary to reject the coverage against damages by accident and loss (CDW / LDW) with which the car rental company that contracted has, and pay the total amount of the rent with your MasterCard World Elite card.

In case of a claim, it is important to keep the original receipt showing that the payment was made in full with the MasterCard Platinum card as well as copies and legible documentation of all information regarding the damages caused. More details in Terms and Conditions. To submit an insurance claim, visit  and select your preferred language or contact us directly.

What covers in My Credit card with car rental insurance ?

As with any insurance benefit, prospective buyers should pay attention to the exact terms of a credit card insurance. For a credit card with car rental insurance, there are three main points to consider:

  • Deductible
    For many insurance companies, customers bear part of the payment in the event of damage as a so-called deductible themselves. The deductible can be up to 20 percent high. Make sure that credit card insurance requires no deductible or low deductible. Again, it is important to take a look at the annual fee. A lower annual fee justifies a higher deductible. For a high annual fee, the deductible should be small
  • Cover amount
    The coverage amount is a fixed amount for which insurance covers the maximum amount in the event of damage.
  • Conditions for insurance cover
    Credit card insurance is often subject to conditions. For example, it could be assumed for a rental car insurance that the rental car was paid with the credit card. Also, a car rental insurance could only apply for a maximum rental period per year. It is possible to limit the insurance to a maximum of 30 to 90 days. If the maximum duration is exploited, the insurance companies are no longer effective. In addition, only car up to a certain price could be included in the insurance. Further prerequisites are possible for the insurance coverage of a credit card insurance to take effect.

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Those who frequently book rental cars and are looking for a credit card with car rental insurance could benefit from additional benefits and save even more money. For example, there are credit cards with car rental insurance, for example, in connection with discounts or bonus programs at car rental companies. In some cases, credit cards with car rental insurance include additional insurance, such as a travel health insurance or travel cancellation insurance.

Car Rental Insurance


Driving always includes risks. When you buy insurance for your car and know the terms, your assets are protected. If you are going on a trip and want to rent a car to get around more comfortably, do it quietly; In case of an accident you are protected. In addition to the options already mentioned there are others such as personalized insurance or per kilometer, which you can even hire before planning your vacation.

If you are renting a car, evaluate your options. To collect insurance you will have to reject the others. If your credit card includes it or your normal insurance already includes it compares the benefits against those offered by the leasing company. If the rent of the car does not include it and you already have another that protects your trip you will not need to make an extra expense.

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