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Best Cheap High Life Risk Insurance

Best Cheap High Life Risk Insurance Life insurance is not mandatory by law (such as, for example, Compulsory Civil Liability in auto policies), but more and more people choose to contract this type of product to have their backs and those of yours well covered. One of the sectors that are most likely to have life insurance is that of the risk professions, since they are more likely to suffer a loss or accident in which the life of the person involved is endangered.Life Insurance is as much as important car insurance, Here you can find affordable car insurance 

If you have any doubts about these policies Insurance specialists will solve them without any problem or commitment. In addition, with the leading independent compactor in the market you can compare among the best insurers in Spain to find the insurance that best suits your needs at the lowest possible price.

In the field of insurance, the price is a central element but not decisive, there are other variables that can harmonize a higher price and make it more convenient. In a few paragraphs we are going to tell you which are the points that you must take into account to contract an integral coverage for an adequate value.

It is important to keep in mind that sometimes the cheap is expensive, as the well-known saying goes. If the use we give to the car indicates that there is a high risk of loss or the car is exposed to certain common risks such as being parked outdoors in summer, when hailstorms usually occur; it is better to go for the safest option, perhaps more expensive, of an insurance coverage against all risks.

If you are looking for a Cheap All Risk Insurance you must carry out some preliminary studies to know the product you want to acquire, although the comprehensive coverage guarantees that any loss should be addressed that in the market competition companies include more extra benefits to tempt customers to contract with them.

Here you should focus on making a comparison between all the proposals of Cheap All Risk Insurance and analyze the cost-quality equation that is the formula that must be balanced to get the best policy. A simple way to make this comparison is by making a table of two columns indicating strengths and weaknesses of each company. Among the elements to consider are: support and trajectory of the insurer, extra services (towing, towing, travel assistance) time of compensation before loss, etc.

The high-risk professions

When a person is the source of income for a family, in case he or she dies, several people could lose their livelihood. To this the debts by the loans (like the mortgage) or the future payment of the studies of the children are united. Hence, many find in life insurance the solution to this problem. This is, if possible, more important in the case of high-risk professionals. Now, what is considered a high risk profession?

They are those in which, when carrying out their work, workers put their lives or physical integrity in danger, such as firefighters, police and other State security forces or forces, miners, pilots or flight personnel, bullfighters, boxers, etc. Due to the higher risk, many insurers choose not to allow these policies to be contracted to these groups, and those that do offer these products do so at a premium higher than that of other workers.

In fact, one of the first questions asked when someone is interested in hiring life insurance is the profession of the future client. The companies classify the professions according to their risks and probabilities of suffering an accident.

Factors that establish the price of a Life policy

In addition to the insured’s profession, there are other factors that greatly influence the price of the policy premium, for example, the capital to be insured. The more capital, the more expensive the amount to be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.

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The age of the potential client is also fundamental, since the older we are, the more risk there will be of dying. In fact, depending on the company, there is an age limit from which you can not buy a life policy. In addition, the medical history and whether or not we have any type of illness will also influence the price of the premium.

What coverage are usually hired in these cases?

Life insurance that is usually hired by people with high risk occupations are Life Risk insurance, whose premium is usually annual and in which a beneficiary is chosen who will receive the stipulated capital in the event of death. of the taker. The clear objective of this product is to protect the beneficiary, who are usually the relatives of the policyholder. One of the particularities of this insurance is that, if the contract expires, no type of compensation will be granted in case the policyholder dies.

The basic coverage of this type of product, therefore, is death due to natural causes, but other types of motives can be considered, an aspect that should be taken into account in case of risk professionals, since the danger of dying in These cases do not come from natural causes. In addition, accidental death, Absolute Permanent Disability and Total Permanent Disability, etc. can also be contemplated.

The Absolute Permanent Disability is the irreversible physical situation that causes the insured can not exercise any kind of profession. On the other hand, the Total Permanent Disability is that permanent situation in time that makes a person unable to exercise their professional activity (although others, such as the surgeon who, due to an accident, can not operate in the operating room but can carry other type of work).

In addition, you can opt for Temporary Life or Whole Life insurance. The insurance Term Life are cheaper and cover always premature death and when it occurs before the end of the contract. The Whole Life insurance for their part are those who are engaged when the worker puts his life at risk every day , and usually have more coverage than death. Sometimes the situation occurs in which this insurance is complemented with other policies contracted by the companies themselves for their workers or by the Administration (as in the case of officials).

A Life Savings Insurance if I have a risky profession?

If you are a professional with a high-risk job, the Vida Ahorro insurance is not a good option, as these are designed for the enjoyment of the policyholder (which usually coincides with the beneficiary). Its operation is simple: a premium is paid with a certain periodicity with the objective of receiving a capital when the contract comes to an end in the event that the insured does not die.

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Therefore, this insurance does not protect against death, which is precisely what is usually sought by those who have a risky profession so that their relatives are not left homeless in the event that they are missing.

Now, if we doubt for some reason, there is also the possibility of opting for a Mixed Life insurance. This policy protects your beneficiaries in the event that you die but it will also provide you with a certain capital in case you arrive alive at a certain age.

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