First Time Driver – Cheaper Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

Cheaper Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

Car Insurance For First Time Drivers : What comes after the driver’s license? Of course – the first own car. The question remains how the motor vehicle is best secured. After all, First time drivers usually do not just lack practical experience in road traffic. Also dealing with insurance wants to be learned. After all, car insurance should offer a favorable contribution and the best possible benefits. Here you will come to know Cheaper Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

Basics of car insurance for First time drivers

The car insurance is a book with seven seals especially for First time drivers. The reason: The insurance industry offers different variants in different price ranges. The motor vehicle liability insurance is a statutory insurance for all vehicle owners. Its task is the regulation of claims for damages of third parties, which are levied against the policyholder after a traffic accident.

Cheaper Car Insurance For First Time Drivers
Cheaper Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

Choice of the vehicle for First Time Driver

As a new driver, the best option to start driving in real life and without the assistance of a driving instructor is the acquisition of a small car, since the maneuverability of a small car is much simpler than that of a small car. big vehicle, In addition, that the car is equipped with a low displacement engine will help to have a lower consumption compared to larger vehicles and the power of the car is also lower, which will influence the price of insurance.

To start driving and continue learning the rules of the road in practice it is convenient to choose a diesel vehicle, since in addition to the fact that most of the driving schools use these cars for their practices, a vehicle that uses diesel as fuel is smoother in the boot and easier to start in adverse weather situations or steep slopes.

Regarding the choice of a new or second hand car, the opinions are very diverse. On the one hand, some say that a new car is simpler and easier to handle, and that having more advanced security systems can be safer than a second-hand car, which in most cases is true.On the opposite side, according to economic criteria, others ensure that the investment in the purchase of a new vehicle is much higher than in the case of a second-hand car, taking into account that being a vehicle that will direct a driver Without experience the risk of it being impaired is very high.

Under these two opinions, what should be valued is the investment that is intended to be made and the area through which it will be circulated, because depending on these circumstances, one or the other purchase can be made.

Contributions of motor insurance for First Time Drivers

First time drivers who are looking for a suitable insurance cover for their own car, of course, are interested in a low contribution. The problem: In motor liability insurance not only type and regional classes play a significant role. The driving experience and accident history of the insured are also included in the contribution – in the form of the no-claims discount (SF). Behind this is a system that rewards accident-free years with contribution discounts. The more years are driven without accident, the lower the contribution.

New drivers in this SF system are generally classified as damage-free class 0, which corresponds to a contribution rate of 230 percent. For each additional year without an accident, the claim-free class increases, the contribution rate is reduced accordingly. However, if the First time driver is involved in an accident, the motor insurance classifies the insured again.

Cheaper Car Insurance For First Time Drivers
Cheaper Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

Choice of the first vehicle insurance

As with the purchase of the first vehicle, the acquisition of the first car insurance must be subject to an analysis of the risks we are willing to take and the economic expense we can make.In the event that we had decided to purchase a new car , the best option to insure it would be a risk, since after an important investment we need to have the guarantee that the vehicle will be protected. But first of all it is essential to be clear that the cost of insurance with these coverage will be extremely high considering that the car will be new and the driver will be new.

If instead we choose the purchase of a second-hand vehicle, the choice of a full-risk insurance as the first car insurance would not be the most appropriate, since the high price of the policy would not compensate compared to the vehicle that we own In this case, the best option would be a basic third party insurance, with which we comply with current legislation, or a third party insurance with roadside assistance and theft insurance if it is usually driven through unknown or remote areas to the habitual residence.

The last option would be the one that today is more usual, which is none other than to include the new driver as the second driver of the policy, being a driver with more age and experience as a driver who also has previous insurance bonuses. In this way you can reduce the price considerably, adjusting to the legality, and without giving up the most complete coverage.

Car insurance under 23 years

As the Federal Statistical Office shows, most traffic accidents are caused by drivers between 18 and 24 years old. The young drivers under the age of 23 account for only a small proportion of all vehicle users. As a result of the increased accident risk, motor vehicle insurers levy relatively high premiums for First time drivers under the age of 23. The contribution rate is then 230 percent. If a contract is concluded for a young driver who has already had his driver’s license for three years, he / she will be classified in the ½ discount class. This means that the contribution rate often only corresponds to 120 percent.

Car insurance under 25 years

Some insurers extend the time frame for young drivers to accept risk premiums due to their age when calculating contributions from under 23 to under 25 years. Therefore, especially newcomers to the insurance should pay attention to how long expected more expensive contributions must be paid.

Car Insurance calculation for Temporary or full insurance

A similar system of claim-free classes also exists in comprehensive insurance. For the calculation of premiums in the partial comprehensive insurance, however, other factors, such as the type class (damages per vehicle type) and the regional class (residence of the policyholder, place of registration), are more important. How the insurance companies use these framework conditions for the insurance contribution may differ significantly between the providers.

Not infrequently, the insurance companies annually adjust the premiums for car insurance. This may mean that insurance that was cheap a few years ago is now more expensive than its competitors. Therefore, it pays to subject the individual tariffs at regular intervals to a  car insurance  comparison.

Tips for reducing the contribution for First Time drivers

As a rule, First time drivers usually have to pay the least for their car insurance. But by clever comparison of the motor insurance can be saved in the contribution. Many insurers now offer discounts when First time drivers meet certain characteristics. These so-called soft tariff characteristics can be of different nature.

Here are some soft tariff characteristics in an overview, which can lead to discounts:

  • the occupation of the policyholder
  • Marital status (married, with children)
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Parking space of the motor vehicle (eg in a garage)
  • a low annual mileage
  • Restrictions on the group of drivers
  • the age of the policyholder

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Cheaper Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

Car insurance via parents For First Time Drives

But what can newcomers do if they can not use any of the above-mentioned discounts for car insurance? In such cases First time drivers can play some more trumps. One of the known examples is the registration of the vehicle as a second car of the parents. Rarely used, however, because rather unknown, is the alternative to take damage classes from third parties, such as when the grandparents are rarely traveling by car.

Another option is already available when buying a car. Although First time drivers are happy about the PS-strong first car. A strong engine, however, leads to a type class that raises the insurance premium. On the other hand, anyone who already knows this direction before buying a car can save on car insurance.

Compare fares and find the best car insurance

Even if every First time driver wants to jump into his car quickly and live out the newly acquired freedom, he should take a bit of time in the selection of motor insurance. Due to the many ways in which you can save on the insurance premium, there are a variety of possible rates. Newcomers can still quickly and easily get a first overview of their future car insurance using our tariff comparison. For this purpose, are also suitable car insurance tests  very well.

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