Is Your Child Under Covered By Your Car Insurance Policy

Is Your Child Under Covered By Your Car Insurance Policy

Is Your Child Under Covered By Your Car Insurance Policy – CAN YOUR CHILDREN DRIVE THE CAR? The most common when the children have just removed the card is to drive the family car. To avoid the risk of a new driver taking the car, some insurance companies even force you to declare them as the main drivers.In both cases, as much as if you include it as a principal or secondary driver, the impact on the premium is important and you will notice how the price of your insurance increases considerably.

Is Your Child Under Covered By Your Car Insurance Policy

Some insurers refuse to cover younger or less experienced people . If a driver has been rejected by two different insurance companies, and as it is mandatory to circulate with insurance, they will be eligible for the insurance offered by the Insurance Compensation Consortium .The judgment considers that the companies can not claim from the policy holder the amounts paid when the responsible driver is a person under 25 years of age that does not appear in the compulsory insurance contract or when he or she has a driving license of less than two years. years. The insurers can continue to refuse to pay for the damages caused to your own vehicle or to the special conditions that you had contracted.

When one of the children of an insured takes out his driver’s license and the latter intends to use the owner’s vehicle occasionally, the following dilemma is raised within the home, what to do?

The alternatives that are normally presented are three:

Before explaining the pros and cons of these decisions, we advise you to consult and acquire all the information on coverage and benefits of the different insurance products in the market via online, and for this nothing better than using automatic compactors online, with the that we will save time and always find the best quality-price.

Now, we will begin to explain the option that has the greatest inconvenience in case of suffering an accident, that is, when the driver who suffers or causes the accident does not appear as such in the policy.

Is Your Child Under Covered By Your Car Insurance Policy

Should I include my son in car insurance if he sometimes drives?

One of the most frequently asked questions in insurance is:  Should I include my son in car insurance if he sometimes drives? Parents with young children who already have a driving license are often in the position to lend the car to their children  on an occasional or, even, somewhat more recurrent basis, for example, on weekends. Given this situation, what options are there for the insurance company with which the parents have signed the vehicle policy? Can you lend the car freely? As long as it is not a daily use –  in which case it is best to include the boy in the policy  – there are several options. The first and most obvious is that the young man has his own car , which should not be added to the current policy, but to negotiate a new one with the company itself or with another. Surely it will be more convenient first: more insurance contracted with the same company, more space for negotiation and to achieve a more competitive final price. In this case, here we explain what you should know about car insurance for young people .

If your children do not have more than 2 years of experience at the wheel or less than 25 years, they are considered new drivers.

If the vehicle is going to be driven, even occasionally, by several people, all the possible drivers must be included in the policy, or, failing that, and at least, the one that represents the greatest risk, that is, the least age, fewer years of driving license and / or worse driving record. Insurers usually have offers for these cases and it does not necessarily mean paying much more. In any case, it is always better to tell your insurer that you run the risk of ending up paying the expenses of an accident that your child would have caused.

Insurance for teenagers is expensive

People between 16 and 24 years of age are considered high risk drivers. Because of this high level of risk, insurance companies tend to charge much higher premiums when the policy includes a teenager. For this reason, some parents decide to delay their decision not to include adolescent children in their policy. However, consider that some insurance companies require you to add them to your policy, as soon as they obtain your driver’s license. Even though this requirement is not requested by your insurance company, your child must be insured before they start driving on their own.

Is Your Child Under Covered By Your Car Insurance Policy

What happens with the insurance if my son drives my car and has an accident?

It is common to ask ourselves this question when the children start driving our car and we do not tell the insurance company.

It can be your ruin! This would be the response of the pessimistic brother-in-law or one who has had a bad experience.

Nothing happens! Surely this is what the optimistic friend would tell you.

If we talk about compulsory insurance, this is the best answer. But do not think that for the reasons given by your interlocutor, because in certain situations it does happen. And a lot!

What happens with the children?

A very common case is to  leave the car to the children  but, do we know in which cases they would be covered if they suffer a loss? It is a situation that a prior is not so simple and in which we must pay special attention.

The normal thing is that the children who have just taken out the card use any of the available vehicles in the family. But for the insurer to respond in case of mishap, these  must be declared in the policy,  either as a principal or occasional driver.

One or the other option will be chosen depending on the use made of the car, but it should be noted that when including one of them may affect the insurance premium, since the risk that the company must assume will increase the more it is used. the car  which leads to an increase in the chances of suffering an accident.

Younger drivers, and more so in the case of the novice drivers, are a group that companies consider to be high risk. To such an extent that some insurers refuse to cover them, or that they reach enough to raise the final price of the policy.

Is Your Child Under Covered By Your Car Insurance Policy

Include my son in car insurance ? What else should you know?

If the driver is between 18 and 25 years old, even if the premium is high, it is not advisable to include a family member with experience in driving as the main driver, because if he is involved in an accident the insurer could interpret the deception as bad faith and suppress the effect of the insurance, so that the driver will have to take care of the expenses and indemnities derived.

And in case of disaster?

The only case in which an insurance company can reject a claim is due to a limitation clause specifying that claims caused by undeclared drivers are excluded.

My son drives my car and the company does not know

It is the situation that occurs most frequently. And the reason is because the insurance price sky rockets when a minor or novice driver is declared . In many cases it can cost you more than triple what you pay.

In insurance terms, every time your youngest child drives your car, there is an aggravation of the insured risk. This circumstance modifies the conditions of the insurance contract and your insurer should know about it.

Defending the claim depended on whether the contract was  not signed  or the clauses  had not been expressly accepted .

It may be cheaper to exclude your name

Adding a teenager to your policy can be expensive, especially if your car is expensive or considered high risk. If your teenager has his own car, the price of your insurance may be more reasonable if you “exclude” your child from your policy and buy another policy only in his name. However, consider that, under this scheme, he or she will not have coverage if they drive your car and will suffer an accident.

There are available savings

You can save money on your child’s auto insurance if you buy a used vehicle, reducing the amount to cover and avoiding sports vehicles that are considered risky for teenagers. You can also get the discount for a good student. Which is usually offered to students with a good academic record. Finally, some insurance companies can reduce the insurance premium if several months have passed without reporting accidents or any other type of claim.

I have the contract signed, then can you claim me?

Well, the  Judgment of November 20, 2014 issued by the First Chamber of the Supreme Court, declared null and void the clauses that are included in the compulsory motor insurance by some insurers. Understands that the right of repetition can only be agreed upon in the  insurance contract , in accordance with the provisions of  article 10 of the LRCSCVM , in the event  that the driver does not have a driving license or having a learner permit to drive car.

Therefore, when a son has just taken his driver’s license and still does not have much expertise in driving, it is advisable to inform the company that the young person will travel in the insured car. Although many families obviate this management by the increase of the premium that supposes, it is the best form to protect the children and that they are covered by the insurance in any case.
Finally, it is important to know that the coverage offered by the company when the driver is different from the main or secondary reflected in the policy, will depend on the conditions signed in the contract and also, the group to which the driver belongs, whether within the group of young people or of the most experienced at the wheel, since this constitutes a greater or lesser risk for the insurer, That Factor Will decide whether your insurance company will be allowing you to add son to Car insurance policy.

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